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​Using U-M Box

The Law School is using U-M Box for cloud-based file storage. Working with files on U-M Box does not require VPN use. You can access your files on U-M Box at, or by installing applications approved for use with U-M Box.

Important Policy Notes

Use only the U-M Box Core Apps approved by your clinic or department administrator in consultation with Law IT.

Comply with your administrator's policies concerning the use of these apps to access data stored on U-M Box. Your administrator may not allow the use of certain U-M Core Apps, such as Box Drive, for accessing client or institutional data.

Box Drive is not recommended for working with shared files at this time, because it does not fully support locking them while in use.  

Box Tools

Box for Office

Box Drive

Tips for working with U-M Box and approved applications

Box Tools (formerly known as Box Edit)

Box Tools allows you to open Microsoft Office files from the U-M Box site directly in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, and to save any changes directly back to Box. This method of working with sensitive files is preferred, because it does not require documents to be saved to unsecured areas (such as your laptop or a flash drive.)

Box Tools is the only Box application that integrates with Office for Macs. Law IT recommends this tool for all Mac users. It is also compatible with Windows.

You can download the installer appropriate for your operating system at the links shown below. You may need to close and reopen your browser after the installation completes, for Box Tools to become active.


Box for Office

Box for Office only works on Windows, and with Microsoft Office 2010 or higher. You can use it to directly access files stored on U-M Box from within Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


Box Drive

Box Drive allows you to access files and folders stored on Box directly in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.


Tips for working with U-M Box and approved applications

The links below provide short tips for working with the approved applications listed above, accomplishing various tasks with U-M Box, and finding your way around the U-M Box web interface.

U-M Box and Box Apps Comparison Chart

The U-M Box Web Interface

Using Favorites in the Box Web Interface

Using Box Tools

Using Box for Office

Email an attached file to a U-M Box folder

Email a file from U-M Box using Box Drive

Saving an email to U-M Box using the U-M Box Web Interface

Saving an email to U-M Box using Box Drive