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Online Student Services

The following is a list of in-house, custom developed Web-based online student services created by the Law School Information Technology programming team. To learn more about an individual Web application please click on the titles below.

Career Planning Judge Database/Clerkship Letter Production

Target audience: Students, Alumni

Purpose: Allows students (and faculty secretaries) to select Judges' addresses from a database and to produce mail merge files for sending clerkship applications.

Brief description: This Web application allows students to send clerkship applications to the judges they have selected. Students can also request recommendation letters from Law School faculty. This system allows secretaries to access the students' judge selection list and to produce a mail merge data file from that list.

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Class Bidding

Target audience: Students, Office of Student Records Staff

Purpose: Class Bidding allows students to request clinics, seminars, practice simulations, and upper class courses. This is a pre-enrollment process that gives students the best opportunity to get the classes that they wish to take most.

Brief description: Bidding for clinics takes place first, followed by bidding for seminars, practice simulations, and upper class courses. Students enter their class bids over the course of a few days and, after short processing periods, their results are available. The Office of Student Records then uploads class assignments to Wolverine Access (i.e., enrollment), and the Wolverine Access Drop/Add period begins for students who wish to alter their schedules. Class Bidding re-opens on the first day of classes to accept mini-seminar bids. Mini-seminar offerings and special registration instructions are announced at that time. See this video for more details.

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Class Participation

Target audience: Students, Faculty

Purpose: Allows students to sign into a web site and indicate that they are prepared to participate in the class discussion for a particular class meeting.

Brief description: The professor can print a list of prepared students just before class, and track the number of times a student has indicated preparedness in a term.

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Class Schedule

Target audience: Students, Staff, Public

Purpose: Displays an online class schedule by term with class descriptions.

Brief description: The online class schedule shows the class name, professor(s), meeting time(s) and room(s), catalog number, section and MPathways "class number". A professor's name links to their individual faculty biography. Class descriptions show the title and text description.

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Event Calendar

Target audience: Students, Faculty, Staff, Visitors, Public

Purpose: Provides Web-based access to the Law School events calendar.

Brief description: This system generates a monthly calendar of Law School events. When users click a specific date, the events of that day are displayed. Events are flagged as intra or internet; to view the intranet events users are required to log in. The system provides input forms for adding events to the calendar.

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Exam Administration


Target audience: Students, Records Office Staff

Purpose: Allows Web-based access to exam ids and pass/fail elections, to download and activate the EBB exam software, and to manage the exam process.

Brief description: Bar Exam Early Grade System: Certain bar exams have deadlines for certification that a student has completed all work for the degree that occur before the normal Law School grading deadline. Students taking those bar exams need their grades to be processed early. This system allows students to indicate online what bar exam they will be taking and then marks the Law School grading rosters with a date that indicates when the grades for those students are due.


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External Enrollment Approval

Target audience: Students, Non-Law Students, Registrar

Purpose: Provides online request for credit approval for Law School, U of M, and non-U of M classes.

Brief description: When Law School students apply for Law School credit for classes outside of the Law School and non-Law School students want to attend Law School classes, they need approval by the Dean of Students. This system collects and tracks these requests and is later used to confirm that permission was granted when the credit is applied to the transcript.

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Law School Reservations

Target audience: Law School Students and Staff

Purpose: Allows room reservations, audio-visual requests and event reservations.

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MLaw Schedule

Target audience: Students

Purpose: Allows students to put together possible class schedules as they work through the early registration process.

Brief description: Although this is not the official course bidding page, it gives students the opportunity to create three possible schedules and compare them side by side.

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Work Request

Target audience: Law School Community

Purpose: Provides a system for requesting and tracking technical support.

Brief description: This system provides a Web/e-mail-based way for end users to request technical support. The requests are stored in a database and a notification is sent to the technical support staff. IT staff members claim the requests that fall under their area of responsibility and the task is added to their work list. The system facilitates communication between IT support staff and end users by allowing end users to check the status of their requests at any time, and by automatically sending e-mail notifications as the issues are resolved.

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