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Incoming Students

Read this page to see tasks you can accomplish, both before and after your arrival at the Law School, to smooth your transition and prepare you to get electronically connected quickly.

To Do Before You Arrive

To Do After You Arrive

Before You Arrive

Obtain a laptop computer *

Use our recommended laptop specifications as a guide.

* Note: Students considering eventually joining one of the student law journals should be advised that a Windows-based laptop will be more compatible with the software and processes used by the journals.

Set up your uniqname and account

You will use your uniqname and UMICH password to log in to U-M computing and online services. Your uniqname is also part of your U-M email address.

After payment of your enrollment deposit, you will receive an email from the university inviting you to set up your uniqname and account. See Set Up Your Uniqname and Account for details. See Protect Yourself to learn how to secure your data and devices.

Permit use of your University photograph

The Law School uses student photographs for the following Law School purposes:

  • Seating charts
  • Library identification
  • Official student record
  • Photo Directory
  • Yearbook

If you haven't already authorized the Law School to use your photograph, please do so by submitting a Photo Consent Form.

Review the Law School Information Technology and ITS Web sites

Familiarize yourself with the computing resources and services available to you as a Law School and U-M student. This is a good time to review the Law School Information Technology student computing policies:

Attend to the following so that you can get started using the computing resources and services available at the Law School and on campus.

Upload an audio recording of your name

The Law School’s professors, administrators and staff members want to know how to pronounce your name correctly – and your classmates do, too. So please take a moment to use this page to upload a recording of your name.

Setup your laptop with the services provided by Law School Information Technology

Follow the links below to setup your laptop with the services and programs the Law School Information Technology department provides.  If you have any questions or run into problems configuring your laptop, contact us at and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to offer assistance.


Online Orientation - Quick Information

       Quick Information

wireless icon Wireless [ On Campus Only ]

There are three wireless networks available, a secured network called MWireless, an unsecured network called MGuest, and eduroam. We strongly recommend setting up the secured network MWireless.   

In most cases, you should be able to simply choose MWireless from your list of available networks and connect to it. After logging in with your uniqname and Umich password, you may be presented with a dialog to accept a certificate. Do this, and you will be connected. If you run into problems, you can try installing the ITS wireless configuration tool.


Printing iconPrinting [ On Campus Only ]

The Law School network printing allocation is 800 pages per semester for JD students, LLMs, research scholars, and MACL students and 1200 per semester for SJDs. Students are charged for any printing that exceeds this fixed per-semester allowance.

Network Registration icon Network Registration

The Law School requires students to register all of the devices that they plan on connecting to the wireless network. Each student is allowed up to 4 devices to be registered at one time. Such devices would include laptops, iPhones, iPads, Androids, etc.


Video Conferencing icon Video Conferencing

The university has several video conferencing tools available for remote learning. The Law School will primarily be using Zoom for all remote classes. You must login one time to use Zoom with your Umich credentials.

Security iconSecurity

As soon as you connect to any wireless network on campus, make sure your antivirus software is up-to-date and you have the latest security patches!  

MLawLive icon MLawLive - Student Portal

MLawLive is a centralized site where you can get all official announcements and information on upcoming events from the Law School administration.
It is critical that you login to this site daily to keep up with what is going on at the Law School

Policies and Information

Quick Info Sheet  Quick Info Sheet
Laptop Support  Laptop Support Policy
Printing Policy  Printing Policy

Optional Items

See our Optional Items page for other helpful resources such as obtaining Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, and managing Duo.

Review University provided cloud storage

Students are not permitted to save or store files on the Law School lab computers because those computers are restored to their original state every time the machine reboots; any files saved on those computers will be deleted and will be unrecoverable. It is important, therefore, that you use another source for storage, such as

After You Arrive

Obtain your Mcard (your student/computing ID)

Among other things, your Mcard will allow you access to various areas of the Law School after normal business hours and is one way to release print jobs.  Because of the pandemic, The Mcard Center (936-2273) is closed until further notice.  More information