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Prof. Thomas and Prof. Vandervort are great teachers and wonderful people. Their enthusiasm is contagious. Whenever I had a question for Prof. Vandervort, instead of getting an answer, I'd get five questions in return. What he was doing was helping me so that I was able to figure out how to answer my own question. I feel I'm a much better problem-solver because of it.
—John Seber, '11


Professor Kimberly Thomas's research, teaching, and practice concentrate on criminal law, especially on sentencing law and practice, juvenile justice, indigent persons accused of crimes, and prisoner re-entry into the community. She spent three months as a legal education expert for the ABA Rule of Law Initiative in Amman, Jordan, working on law school curriculum development and the creation and support of experiential education and the first clinics in the country.


Professor Frank E. Vandervort is a clinical professor of law whose primary interests include juvenile justice, child welfare, and interdisciplinary practice. He cofounded the Juvenile Justice Clinic with Professor Kimberly Thomas in 2009. Since 1997, he has served as legal consultant to the University of Michigan School of Social Work's Family Assessment Clinic. In addition, he is a consultant to Trauma Informed Child Welfare Systems.


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