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Legal Issues in Impact Investing (at Home and Abroad) - May 11, 2015

Bibliography of Selected Resources ​​

Opening Plenary
Eyes on the Horizon: The Impact Investor Survey
ImpactBase Snapshot: An Analysis of 300+ Impact Investing Funds
State of the Impact Investing Market

Policy and Regulation of Impact Investing: Regulating the Formation and Activities of Social Enterprises - A Comparison of the US and UK Approaches
The Community Interest Company Option
Corporate Forms of Social Enterprise: Comparing the State Statutes

Aggregating Capital for Impact Investing: Role played by US Governmental and International Financial Institution Participation
Impact Investing – A Practitioner’s View
U.S. Overseas Private Investment Corporation
OPIC Impact Investing
Development Credit Authority: Putting Local Wealth to Work
Development Credit Authority Infographic
Impact Investing: Multilateral Investment Fund

Role of Lawyers in Impact Investing: Developing Resources to Help Lawyers Represent Impact Investors and Social Enterprises
Impact Finance & Social Enterprise
Social Enterprise and Impact Investing

Social Finance Innovations: Growing the Risk Mitigation Toolbox to "De-Risk" Impact Investments for Investors and Investees
A Legal Roadmap for Social Impact Bonds in Developing Countries
Pledge Guarantee for Health (PGH)
Balancing Purpose and Profit: Legal mechanisms to lock in social mission for “profit with purpose” businesses across the G8
Which Legal Structure is Right for My Social Enterprise? A Guide to Establishing A Social Enterprise in the United States Examples of Risk Management and Mitigation in Cross-Border Social Impact Lending

Aggregating Capital: Use of Private Equity/Venture Capital Funds and Other Private Investment Vehicles
Is Your NGO Ready For Impact Investment?
Impact Investing – Fast Facts
Aggregating Capital for Impact Investment: A Survey of the Landscape and Structuring and Funding Options for Intermediaries
Aggregating Capital for Impact Investment: Venture Capital Impact Investment Funds
Aggregating Capital for Impact Investing
MicroVest: "Why"

NextGen Impact Investing Lawyering
Impact Investing Law Framing Questions – NextGen Impact Investing Lawyering

Policy and Regulation of Impact Investing: Beyond CSR - Engaging Corporations in Impact Investing
Microfranchising: A Business Approach to Fighting Poverty
Beyond CSR – Impact Investing – India

Aggregating Capital: Role Played by Tax-Exempt Entities
Aggregating Capital: The Role Played By Tax-Exempt Entities
Impact Investing by Public Charities

Social Finance Innovations: Pay for Success Financings: Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) and Development Impact Bonds (DIBs)
PFS Projects: How are they structured?

Aggregating Capital: How to Involve Retail Investors Through Crowdfunding, Internet Portals, and Social Stock Exchanges
SEC Adopts Final Rules on Regulation A+
“Reasonable Steps to Verify” Accredited Status – 4 New Safe Harbors
Under 506(c) (New Rules with General Solicitation)
Crowdfunding, Private Placements and Regulation A+

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