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ITC Students


"I am interested in participating in this course because it seems like a unique opportunity to gain practical experience in international transactions while serving clients in developing countries.  Having grown up in a third-world country, I am very excited at the possibility of being involved in tis clinic, which empowers individuals through microfinance.  I hope to be able to put my classroom learning of Transactional Drafting, Cross-Border Deal Making, and Corporations law into practice and to hone and develop these skills." Daniel Lindquist ('12)


  "The ITC has provided pretty much the only opportunities for me to do real work for real clients (i.e., non-class-exercise / non-hypothetical work). Also, it is one of the relatively few courses in which to explore transactional law, which is de-emphasized in law school compared to controversy-based law (i.e., litigation & regulation). The clinicians are great—truly committed to making the clinic both a pedagogical experience and a practical difference-maker. The projects are worthy and meaningful, as well as educational. And your fellow students are smart, ambitious, and friendly." Matthew Miller, ('11)

  "Helping real clients, structuring cross-border transactions, and seeing how the fast-growing microfinance work is actually conducted are just a few of the aspects I would look forward to in the ITC.  And more than just knowledge, I want to begin using my legal education for the greater good . . . I don't want to lose sight of why I came here, and I think the ITC would be a great way for me to keep things in their proper focus." Aaron Pittman, ('10)

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