Recent Visitors to the ITC

The ITC addresses a range of topics throughout the course of the clinic, and frequently hosts experts in these areas to speak at the ITC. Recently, the ITC has hosted the following experts:  

Bruce Tuchman, President, AMC/Sundance Channel Global Networks

Caroline Kahn, Chief Counsel, International Finance Corporation

John Lummis, former COO/CFO of Renaissance Re Holdings, a Bermuda reinsurance company

  Jonathan Ng, Global Legal Director, Ashoka

  Lubna Elia, Director, Legal Resources & Compliance, Root Capital

  Alycia Kellman, Acting Vice President of Legal, Compliance & HR, Grassroots Business Fund

  Catherine Novelli, Vice President, World Wide Government Affairs, Apple, Inc.



1.  On September 12, 2013, the ITC celebrated its 5-year anniversary. 

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