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The Entrepreneurship Clinic, part of the Zell Entrepreneurship and Law (ZEAL) Program, is a clinical law program focusing on advising U-M student entrepreneurial ventures and other entrepreneurial ventures. The first of its kind in the United States, the Clinic provides law students with unique, real-world experience in representing early-stage ventures while offering valuable legal services to the University's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The clinic has provided no-cost legal services to a significant number of student-led startups since its inception in 2012, meets with hundreds of student entrepreneurs each year, and has provided hundreds of hours of ​legal information to individuals and organizations throughout the U-M campus.

The Entrepreneurship Clinic offers an array of legal services—from entity formation, to intellectual property, to financing and deal-making—to help the University's student innovators change the world.

Through the Clinic, law students hone and develop the skills needed to serve as trustworthy advisors to early-stage companies. The classroom component of the Clinic addresses topics including how to effectively represent entrepreneurial ventures, interviewing and counseling clients, negotiating and drafting documents, entity formation, financing, intellectual property, legal ethics, and other relevant topics. Law students work under the close supervision of experienced clinical faculty and internationally recognized law firms that assist the Clinic. Other activities may include: engaging with attorneys, venture capitalists, or entrepreneurs who will visit the Clinic, touring the Ann Arbor and Detroit entrepreneurial ecosystems, and providing "office hours," presentations, publications, and other education to the University and local community.