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Eligibility and Structure

The Program in Refugee and Asylum Law has been designed to enable JD students entering in the fall of any year to complete the whole 12-credit program, should they wish to do so. LLM students who are in residence for only one year will be able to take 7-8 credits in the Program (the foundational course plus two advanced seminars), while the courses and seminars available for audit by doctoral students and research scholars will vary with the length and timing of those individuals' presence in Ann Arbor. All advanced courses and seminars in the Program are offered on an intensive basis in the second half of each academic term.


For JD students, the Law School's course in Transnational Law is a co-requisite for enrollment in the foundational International Refugee Law course (LLM and doctoral students, as well as research scholars, are exempt from this requirement). The International Refugee Law course is, in turn, a co-requisite for the Program's four advanced seminars (Refugee Rights Workshop, Comparative Asylum Law, Refugee Law Reform, and the Colloquium on Challenges in International Refugee Law). Because these requirements are set as co-requisites, a student may enroll simultaneously in, for example, Transnational Law, International Refugee Law, and either Comparative Asylum Law or Refugee Law Reform. Preference for enrollment in the Colloquium will ordinarily be given to students who have completed either Comparative Asylum Law or Refugee Law Reform, as these seminars provide critical preparation for the Colloquium.

"Through Prof. Hathaway's innovative teaching, students learn the international refugee law framework as well as its historical foundations, the policy issues confronting the international community, and the human cost of dislocation."
—Anne K. Cusick, '00, Attorney-Adviser, U.S. Department of State


[Click titles to expland course descriptions.]

International Refugee Law–Law 724

Refugee Rights Workshop–Law 461

Comparative Asylum Law–Law 462

Refugee Law Reform–Law 843

Colloquium on Challenges in International Refugee Law–Law 848

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