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2018-2019 Fellows

David Helps, PhD Candidate, History 
“Between ‘Tough on Crime’ and the Taxpayer Revolt: Los Angeles Police Expansion and the Origins of the Predatory State”

Lamin Manneh, PhD Candidate, History 
“Half Die: Conforming ‘Native’ Urban Quarters and Ecologies in Colonial Bathurst in the 19th Century” 

Nicole Navarro, PhD Candidate, History 
“In a State of Exception: Latino Migrations to Washington, D.C., 1970s-1990s”  

Alexander Stephens, PhD Candidate, History 
“Making ‘Criminal Aliens’ in the Magic City: Miami, the Mariel Boatlift, and U.S. Immigration Law in the 1980s” 

James Sunshine, JD Candidate 
“Fairness Not Leniency: A Review of President Obama’s Clemency Initiative” 

2016-2017 Fellows

Daniel Fryer, JD Candidate
“Phantom Trials”

Jessica Garrick, PhD Candidate, Sociology
“Puzzling Through Precedent: Immigrant Workers and the Right to Organize in the Post-Hoffman Era”

Sauda Nabukenya, PhD Candidate, History
“Ethnic Balancing, Racial Bargaining, Political Exclusions and Constitutional Development in Uganda, 1950-1967”

Andrew Walker, PhD Candidate, History
"Flight of the Firefly: Navigating Antislavery in the Haitian Admiralty Court”

Tara Weinberg, PhD Candidate, History
“Land, Law and Apartheid’s Legacy: The Role of Communal Property Associations in South Africa”

2015-2016 Fellows

Katherine Brausch, JD Candidate
"Equal Protections and Guns: The Black Panther Party and Constitutional Rights"

Zachary Kopin, PhD Candidate, History
"The Case of Lt. Hooe: Race, the Naval Courts and the Performance Practice of Citizenship in Antebellum America"

Andres Pletch, PhD Candidate, History
"Isle of Exception: Slavery, Law, and Governance in Cuba, 1825-1856"

Matthew Woodbury, PhD Canidate, History
"Humanitarian Governance, Aboriginal Protection, and New Zealand’s Native Reserves (1835 - 1872)"

2014-2015 Fellows

Emad Ansari. JD candidate, Law, and MA candidate Ford School of Public Policy
"Policing the Postcolony: Colonial-Era Rules for Contemporary Challenges in the Indian Subcontinent"

Ángela Pérez-Villa. PhD candidate, History and Women's Studies
"Race, Law, and the Moralizing Role of Catholicism in Early 19th­Century Colombia"

Richard Hoffman Reinhardt. PhD pre-candidate, History and Anthropology
"Missionary Interventions: Religious Authority and the Law in Haiti, from L'Affaire de Bizoton to the US Occupation"

Amanda Rowe Tillotson, MSW. PhD candidate, Political Science
"Restrictive Racial Covenants, Racialized Constructions of Property Value, and the Legal Order"