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Internship/Pro Bono Opportunities

Legal Interns:  CFA seeks the assistance of law students to help serve its families. From juvenile and family law to civil, probate, and criminal law, the work done at CFA allows its staff to acquire meaningful experiences across a broad spectrum of specialties. Not lost in the breadth of our work is our mission, as every one of our cases has the ultimate goal of either keeping a child out of foster care or helping to expedite the placement of a child currently in foster care. Our legal interns are expected to handle frequent client contact, court appearances, and legal research and writing, in addition to numerous opportunities in educational advocacy and community outreach. We emphasize support and mentorship for our interns, but we also strive for our interns to develop independence and leadership in case management. As our interns improve and expand their skills, they are given more responsibilities and have the ability to take a lead role in a case, working it from the beginning to end. If you are interested in serving as a legal intern with CFA, please contact Shannon Urbon at or (313) 875.4233, ext. 158.

Social Work Interns:  CFA seeks assistance from social work students to help serve its families. There are many different types of volunteer social work roles at CFA. We are looking for volunteers interested in performing social work related tasks and working with low-income families to provide them with access to obtain resources to improve the overall quality of their lives. Social work volunteers would work closely with attorneys, a family advocate, and other CFA interns to support our mission of reducing the number of children in foster care. By volunteering to work at CFA you will be making a contribution to improve communities in Wayne County. You will learn new skills, work with passionate advocates, and play a vital role in helping CFA reform the foster care system. If you are interested in serving as a social work intern with CFA, please contact Jamila Weathers at or (313) 875-4233, ext. 153.

Pro Bono Attorneys:  CFA welcomes the assistance of volunteers willing to work pro bono. If you are a law school graduate or licensed attorney and are interested in volunteering your time on a case by case or weekly basis, please contact Shannon Urbon at or (313) 875-4233, ext. 158.