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Workshop Archives

Winter 2010 Schedule

January 14, 2010 Enrolled Students Only - No Speaker
January 21, 2010 Enrolled Students Only - No Speaker
January 28, 2010

Louis Kaplow, Harvard
Toward a Test for Price Fixing:  Communication Prohibition Compared

February 4, 2010 Yair Listokin, Yale
The Meaning of Contractual Silence:  A Field Experiment and Bayesian Contractual Interpretation
February 11, 2010 Enrolled Students Only - No Speaker
February 18, 2010 Gillian Hadfield, USC
Law for a Flat World:  Building Legal Infrastructure for the New Economy
February 25, 2010 Justin McCrary, Berkeley
The Deterrence Effect of Prison:  Dynamic Theory and Evidence and Dynamic Perspectives on Crime
March 4, 2010

Spring Break - No Class

March 11, 2010 Enrolled Students Only - No Speaker
March 18, 2010 Betsey Stevenson, Penn
Inequality and Subjective Well-Being
March 25, 2010

Ian Ayres, Yale
Evidence from Two Large Field Experiments that Peer Comparison Feedback Can Reduce Residential Energy Usage

April 1, 2010 Enrolled Students Only - No Speaker
April 8, 2010 Mitch Polinsky, Stanford
The Uneasy Case for Product Liability
April 15, 2010 Bob Cooter, Berkeley (visiting Michigan)
Jody Kraus, Virginia (visiting Michigan)

The Measure of Law and Economics


Fall 2008 Schedule

September 4, 2008

First day of Workshop - No speaker

September 11, 2008 Max Schanzenbach, Northwestern
The Impact of Tort Reform on Private Health Insurance Coverage
September 18, 2008 Matt Stephenson, Harvard
Political Accountability under Alternative Institutional Regimes
September 25, 2008 John Pfaff, Fordham
The Myths and Realities of Correctional Severity: Evidence from the National Corrections Reporting Program
October 2, 2008 David Gilo, Tel Aviv
Liability for Insufficient Risks
October 9, 2008 Lisa Cook, Michigan State
Domestic Terrorism and Economic Activity: Evidence from African American Patents, 1870 to 1940
October 16, 2008 Bernard Black, Texas
The Impact of Early Settlement Offers: Evidence from Texas Malpractice Cases
October 23, 2008 Eric Talley, Berkeley
Public Ownership, Firm Governance, and Litigation Risk
October 30, 2008 Dan Klerman, USC
Legal Origin and Economic Growth
November 6, 2008 Justin Wolfers, Penn
Underestimating Female CEOs
November 13, 2008

Steve Choi, NYU
Motions for Lead Plaintiff in Securities Class Actions

November 20, 2008 Jennifer Arlen, NYU
The Inefficiency of Contractual Liability for Medical Malpractice
December 4, 2008 Steve Shavell, Harvard
On the Design of the Appeals Process: The Optimal Use of Discretionary Review vs. Direct Appeal 


Winter 2008 Schedule

January 10, 2008 First day of Workshop - No speaker
January 17, 2008 Kathy Zeiler, Georgetown
The Endowment Effect:  Implications of Recent Empirical Developments for Legal Theory
January 24, 2008 Tom Miles, Chicago
Markets for Stolen Property:  Pawnshops and Crime
January 31, 2008 Avi Bell, Fordham
Private Takings 
February 7, 2008 Jon Klick, Florida State
The Effect of Contract Regulation:  The Case of Franchising 
February 14, 2008 Albert Choi, Virginia
Integrating an Agreement to Induce Information Disclosure 
February 21, 2008 Alicia J. Davis
Are Investors' Gains and Losses from Securities Fraud Equal Over Time?  Some Preliminary Evidence 
February 28, 2008 Spring Break - No class  
March 6, 2008 Robert Daines, Stanford
Rating the Ratings:  How Good are the Commercial Governance Ratings?
March 13, 2008 Mark Ramseyer, Harvard
Talent and Expertise under Universal Health Insurance:  The Case of Cosmetic Surgery in Japan 
March 20, 2008 Michael Heise, Cornell
Plaintiphobia in State Courts?  An Empirical Study of State Court Trials on Appeal 
March 27, 2008 Rip Verkerke, Virginia
Legal Ignorance and Information-Forcing Rules 
April 3, 2008 Fernando Gomez, Barcelona
Insurance and Tort: Coordination Systems and Imperfect Liability Rules 
April 10, 2008

Guy Rub, Michigan

The Efficiency of Contracts that Reallocate Entitlements in Creative Work: A Skeptical View


Winter 2007 Schedule

January 11, 2007 First day of Workshop - No speaker 
January 18, 2007 Alicia J. Davis, Michigan
Do Individual Investors Affect Share Price Accuracy?  Some Preliminary Evidence
January 25, 2007 Anup Malani, Chicago
Valuing Law as Local Amenities
February 1, 2007 Fred Tung, Emory
Cross-Monitoring and Corporate Governance
February 8, 2007 Merritt Fox, Columbia
Required Line of Business Reporting and Share Price Accuracy
February 15, 2007 Saul Levmore, Chicago
A Theory of Deception and then of Common Law Categories
February 22, 2007 Michelle White, UC San Diego
Personal Bankruptcy Law: Abuse Prevention vs Debtor Protection
March 1, 2007 Spring Break - No class  
March 8, 2007 Robert Mikos, UC Davis
The Populist Safeguards of Federalism  
March 15, 2007 Russell Korobkin, UCLA
Buying and Selling Human Tissues for Stem Cell Research; & "No Compensation" or "Pro Compensation": Moore v. Regents and Default Rules for Human Tissue Donations
March 22, 2007 Ronen Avraham, Northwestern
Collective Myopia
March 29, 2007 Joanna Shepherd, Emory
The Demographics of Tort Reform: Winners and Losers
April 5, 2007 Anita Anand, Toronto
An Empirical Examination of the Governance Choices of Income Trusts
April 12, 2007

Dan Rubinfeld, UC Berkeley
Federalism and the Democratic Transition: Lessons from South Africa

(Related article:  Federal Institutions and the Democratic Transition: Learning from South Africa)


Winter 2006 Schedule - L&E of Intellectual Property Workshop

January 12, 2006 First day of Workshop - No speaker
January 19, 2006 Bronwyn Hall, UC-Berkeley
Intellectual Property Strategy in the Global Cosmetics Industry
January 26, 2006 Richard Nelson, Columbia
The Market Economy, and the Scientific Commons
February 2, 2006 Michael Carroll, Villanova
One For All: The Problem of Uniformity Cost in Intellectual Property Law
February 9, 2006

Peter DiCola, Michigan

An Economic Model of Sampling, Cover Versions, and Musical Collage

February 16, 2006

Miriam Bitton, Irell & Manella LLP

A New Outlook on the Economic Dimension of the Database Protection Debate

February 23, 2006 Michael Abramowicz, George Washington

Patent Auctions

March 2, 2006 Spring Break - No speaker
March 9, 2006 Michael Meurer, Boston

Patents and Property

March 16, 2006

Sam Vermont, Michigan (Humphrey Fellow)

Independent Invention as a Defense to Patent Infringement

March 23, 2006

Wesley Cohen, Duke

John Walsh, Illinois-Chicago

The View from the Bench: The Patenting and Licensing of Research Tools and Biomedical Innovation

March 30, 2006

Paul Heald, Georgia

The Problem of Social Cost in a Genetically Modified Age

April 6, 2006 Scott Baker, North Carolina

Incomplete Contracts in a Complete Contracts World

April 13,  2006 Daniel Gervais, Ottawa
Intellectual Property and Development: Towards a Strategy