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Winter 2017

January 12
Kevin Davis, NYU School of Law

"The Concept of Legal Uncertainty"

January 19
Vikramaditya Khanna, Michigan Law

"The Impact of Mandating Corporate Social Responsibility: Evidence from India's Companies Act 2013" (co-authored with Dhammika Dharmapala)

January 26
Ben Chabot, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

"Contracts without Courts: The Value of Contractual Protection in an Era of Absolute Sovereign Immunity" (co-authored with Veronica Santarosa)

February 2
Nuno Garoupa,  Texas A&M University School of Law
"Judging in Europe: Do Legal Traditions Matter?" (co-authored with J. Liu, A.H. Zhang)

February 9
Andrea Chandrasekher, UC Davis School of Law
"The Effect of Police Slowdowns on Traffic Safety" 
Please email Jenny Rickard at to obtain a copy of this paper.

February 16
Augustin Landier, Toulouse School of Economics

"Public Information on Past Bankruptcy and the Stigma of Failure for Entrepreneurs"
Please email Jenny Rickard at to obtain a copy of this paper.

February 23
Aditi Bagchi, Fordham University School of Law

"Production Liability"

March 9
Marcel Kahan, NYU School of Law

"Moral Hazard and Sovereign Debt: The Role of Contractual Ambiguity and Asymmetric Information" (co-authored with Shmuel Leshem)

March 16
Stefan Bechtold, ETH Zurich

"The Price of Moral Rights: A Field Experiment" (co-authored with Christoph Engel)

March 23
A. Mitchell Polinsky, Stanford Law School

"The Theory of Insurance when Suits Can Be Brought for Losses Suffered" (co-authored with Steven Shavell)

March 30
Bruce Kobayashi, George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School

"Error Costs, Statistical Significance, and Legal Decision Rules" (co-authored with Michelle M. Burtis)

April 6
Avi Tabbach, Tel Aviv University Buchmann Faculty of Law

"A Theory of Litigation Signals"

April 13
Daria Roithmayr, University of Southern California Gould School of Law

"Cat and Mouse: The Dynamics of Avoiding Regulation"​​​​