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Law and Economics Workshop

Winter 2013

Louis Kaplow, Harvard Law School
"Multistage Adjudication"

Kyle Logue, Michigan Law
"Explaining Insurance Anti-Discrimination Laws"

Veronica Santarosa, Michigan Law
"Pre-banking Financial Intermediation: Evidence from a Brokerage Reform in 18th Century Marseille"

Daniel Chen, ETH Zurich
"Social Preferences or Sacred Values? Theory and Evidence of Deontological Motivations"

Josh Fischman, Northwestern University Law School
"Reuniting Is and Ought in Studies of Adjudication"

Albert Yoon, University of Toronto, Faculty of Law
"Editorial Bias in Legal Academia"

Sonja Starr, Michigan Law
"Racial Disparity in the Criminal Justice Process: Prosecutors, Judges, and the Effects of U.S. v. Booker"

Steve Shavell, Harvard Law School
"The Desirability of Attenuated Legal Change"

Emily Owens, Cornell University
"Immigration, Employment Opportunities, and Criminal Behavior"

Josh Wright, Federal Trade Commission and George Mason University Law School
"Grocery Bag Bans and Foodborne Illnesses"

Claudia Landeo, University of Alberta
"Shotguns and Deadlocks" (Kathryn E. Spier, co-author)