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Law and Economics Workshop

Winter 2007

Alicia Davis Evans, Michigan Law
"Do Individual Investors Affect Share Price Accuracy? Some Preliminary Evidence"

Anup Malani, University of Chicago Law School
"Valuing Laws as Local Amenities"

Fred Tung, Emory University School of Law
"Cross-Monitoring and Corporate Governance" (Joanna Shepherd and Albert Yoon, co-authors)

Merritt Fox, Columbia University Law School
"Required Line of Business Reporting and Share Price Accuracy" (Artyom Durnev, Randall Morck, and Bernard Yeung, co-authors)

Saul Levmore, University of Chicago Law School
"A Theory of Deception and then of Common Law Categories"

Michelle White, UC San Diego
"Personal Bankruptcy Law: Abuse Prevention versus Debtor Protection"

Robert Mikos, UC Davis School of Law
"The Populist Safeguards of Federalism"

Russell Korobkin, UCLA School of Law
"Buying and Selling Human Tissues for Stem Cell Research AND No Compensation or "Pro Compensation": Moore v. Regents and Default Rules for Human Tissue Donations"

Ronen Avraham, Northwestern University School of Law
"Collective Myopia" (K.A.D. Camara, co-author)

Joanna Shepherd, Emory University School of Law
"The Demographics of Tort Reform: Winners and Losers" (Paul Rubin, co-author)

Anita Anand, University of Toronto, Faculty of Law
"An Empirical Examination of the Governance Choices of Income Trusts" (Edward Iacobucci, co-author)

Dan Rubinfield, UC Berkeley School of Law
"Federalism and the Democratic Transition: Lessons from South Africa AND Federal Institutions and the Democratic Transition: Learning from South Africa" (Robert P. Inman, co-author)