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Law and Economics Workshop

Winter 2004

Vicki Been, NYU School of Law
"Lucas v. The Green Machine: Using the Takings Clause to Promote More Efficient Regulation?"

Omri Ben-Shahar, Michigan Law
"'Agreeing to Disagree': Filling Gaps in Deliberately Incomplete Contracts"

Robert Daines, NYU School of Law
"Liquidity, Asymmetric Information and Mandatory Disclosure: The Impact of the 1934 Act" (Charles M. Jones, co-author)

Dean Lueck, University of Arizona
"Property Law" (Thomas J. Miceli, co-author)

Kristin Madison, University of Pennsylvania School of Law
"The Residency Match: Competitive Restraints in an Imperfect World"

Petra Moser, MIT Sloan School of Business
"How Do Patent Laws Influence Innovation? Evidence from Nineteenth-Century World Fairs"

Randal Picker, University of Chicago Law School
"Entry, Access and Facilities-Based Competition"

George Priest, Yale Law School
"Reexamining the Market for Judicial Clerks and Other Assortative Matching Markets?"

Alan Schwartz, Yale Law School
"A Normative Theory of Business Bankruptcy"

Peter Siegelman, Fordham Law School
"Adverse Selection in Insurance Markets: An Exaggerated Threat"

Doron Teichman, Michigan Law
"Sanctioning Sex Offenders Efficiently: An Economic Perspective on Megan's Law"

Steven Walt, University of Virginia School of Law
"Liquidated Damages After Behavioral Law and Economics"