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Law and Economics Workshop

Winter 2003

Alan Auerbach, UC Berkeley
"Is there a Role for Discretionary Fiscal Policy?"

Einer Elhauge, Harvard Law School
"Preference-Estimating Statutory Detault Rules"

Merritt Fox, Michigan Law
"Law, Share Price Accuracy and Economic Performance: The New Evidence" (Randall Morck, Bernard Yeung, and Artyom Durnev, co-authors)

F. Andrew Hanssen, Montana State University
"The Origins of Democracy: A Model with Application to Ancient Greece" (Robert K. Fleck, co-author)

Louis Kaplow, Harvard Law School
"Why Measure Inequality? AND Primary Goods, Capabilities, …or Well-Being?"

Avery Katz, Columbia Law School
"The Economics of Form and Substance in Contract Interpretation"

Kyle Logue, Michigan Law
"Insuring Against Terrorism - and Crime" (Saul Levmore, co-author)

Scott Masten, University of Michigan Ross School of Business
"Contracting in the Absence of Specific Investments and Moral Hazard: Understanding Carrier-Driver Relations in US Trucking?" (Francine Lafontaine, co-author)

Brett McDonnell, University of Minnesota Law School
"Expectation Damages and the Theory of Overreliance" (Melvin A. Eisenberg, co-author)

Edward Rock, University of Pennsylvania Law School
"Corporate Constitutionalism: Antitakeover Charter Provisions as Pre-Commitment" (Marcel Kahan, co-author)

Abraham Wickelgren, Federal Trade Commission
"Naked Exclusion, Efficient Breach, and Downsteam Competition" (John Simpson, co-author)