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Fall 2015

September 3
James R. Hines Jr., University of Michigan Law School

"Impartial Investing​"

September 9- Joint session with Legal History Workshop
Claire Lemercier, CNRS and Sciences Po- Paris

"How do Businessmen Like Their Courts? Evidence from Mid-19th Century France, England, and New York City​"

September 10
Daniel Klerman, USC Gould School of Law

"Forum Selling​" (Greg Reilly, co-author)

September 17
Emiliano Catan, NYU School of Law
"The Law and Finance of Anti-Takeover Statutes​" (Marcel Kahan, co-author)

September 24
Holger Spamann, Harvard Law School
"Experimental Investigation of Judicial Decision-Making"

October 1
Anthony Niblett, University of Toronto Faculty of Law

"The Death of Standards​" (Anthony Casey, co-author)

October 8
Orly Lobel, University of San Diego School of Law

"The Law of the Platform​"

October 15
Thomas Miceli, University of Connecticut Department of Economics

"Opportunism in Sequential Investment Settings: On Strategies for Overcoming Holdups and Holdouts​" (Kathleen Segerson, co-author)

October 22
Crystal Yang, Harvard Law School

"Local Labor Markets and Criminal Recidivism​"

October 29
Vikramaditya Khanna, Michigan Law

"Can Two Wrongs Make a Right?: Insights from the Development of the Home Mortgage Market in India"

November 5
Mitu Gulati, Duke University School of Law

"Pricing Sovereign Debt" (Michael Bradley and Irving Arturo De Lira Salvatierra, co-authors)

November 12
Daniel Kelly, Notre Dame Law School

"An Economic Theory of Trust Modification​"

November 19
James Greiner, Harvard Law School

"Two Randomized Field Experiments in Access to Justice​"

December 3
Evan Starr, University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business

"Do Noncompetes Chill Employee Mobility?​" (Norm Bishara & J.J. Prescott, co-authors) ​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​