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Law and Economics Workshop

Fall 2013

Alicia Davis, Michigan Law
"The Corporate Governance Clientele Effect"

Alison Morantz, Stanford Law School
"Putting Data to Work for Workers: The Role of Information Technology in U.S. Worker Protection Agencies"

Jens Ludwig, University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy
"Preventing Juvenile Recidivism: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial"

Tonja Jacobi, Northwestern University School of Law
"The Attrition of Rights Under Parole" (Gregory Barr and Song Richardson, co-authors)

Alex Stein, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
"Allocation of Errors and the Architecture of Liability" (Jef DeMot, co-author)

Zev Eigen, Northwestern University School of Law
"An Experimental Test of the Effectiveness of Terms & Conditions"

Yun-chien Chang, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
"Anchoring Effect in Real Litigation:An Empirical Study"

Michael Barr, Michigan Law
"Five Ways the Financial System Will Fail Next Time"

Isaac McFarlin Jr., University of Michigan Ford School of Public Policy
"Percent Plans, Automatic Admissions, and College Outcomes" (Lindsay Daugherty and Paco Martorell, co-authors)

Murat Mungan, Florida State University College of Law
"Abandoned Criminal Attempts: An Economic Analysis"

Jill Horwitz, UCLA School of Law
"Challenges to Regulatory Decentralization: Lessons from State Health Technology Restrictions" (Daniel Polsky, co-author)

Bruce Frier, Michigan Law
"Roman Dowry: Some Economic Questions"

Jeffrey Fagan, Columbia Law School
"No Runs, Few Hits, and Many Errors: Unreasonable Suspicion in Street Stops"