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Law and Economics Workshop

Fall 2008

Max Schanzenbach, Northwestern University School of Law
"The Impact of Tort Reform on Private Health Insurance Coverage" (Ronen Avraham, co-author)

Matt Stephenson, Harvard Law School
"Political Accountability under Alternative Institutional Regimes" (Jide Nzelibe, co-author)

John Pfaff, Fordham University Law School
"The Myths and Realities of Correctional Severity -- Evidence from the NCRP on Sentencing Practices"

David Gilo, Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Law
"Liability for Insufficient Risks" (Ehud Guttel, co-author)

Lisa Cook, Michigan State University
"Domestic Terrorism and Economic Activity: Evidence from African American Patents, 1870 to 1940"

Bernie Black, University of Texas Law School
"The Impact of Early Settlement Offers: Evidence From Texas Malpractice Cases" (David Hyman and Charlie Silver, co-authors)

Eric Talley, UC Berkeley School of Law
"Public Ownership, Firm Governance, and Litigation Risk"

Dan Klerman, USC Gould School of Law
"Legal Origin and Economic Growth" (Paul Mahoney, Holger Spamann, and Mark WEinstein, co-authors)

Justin Wolfers, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business
"Underestimating Female CEOs" (Alok Kumar, co-author)

Steve Choi, NYU School of Law
"Motions for Lead Plaintiff in Securities Class Actions"

Jennifer Arlen, NYU School of Law
"The Inefficiency of Contractual Liability for Medical Malpractice"

Steve Shavell, Harvard Law School
"On the Design of the Appeals Process: The Optimal Use of Discretionary Review versus Direct Appeal"