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Law and Economics Workshop

Fall 2003

Richard Brooks, Yale Law School
"Covenants & Conventions"

Allen Ferrell, Harvard Law School
"Mandated Disclosure and Stock Returns: Evidence From the Over-The-Counter Market"

Mark Grady, George Mason School of Law
"Liability Failure" (Moin Yahya, co-author)

Roderick Hills Jr., Michigan Law
"Against Preemption: How Federalism Can Improve the National Legislative Process"

Jason Johnston, University of Pennsylvania Law School
"Signaling Social Responsibility: An Economic Analysis of the Role of Disclosure and Liability Rules in Influencing Market Incentives for Corporate Environmental Performance"

Michael Klausner, Stanford Law School
"When Time Isn't Money: Foundation Payouts and the Time Value of Money AND Discounting Future Charity: An Analysis of Foundation Payout Rates and Their Regulation"

Douglas Lichtman, University of Chicago Law School
"Rethinking Prosecution History Estoppel"

Richard McAdams, University of Illinois College of Law
"The Third Model of Legal Compliance: Testing for Expressive Effects in a Hawk/Dove Game" (Janice Nadler, co-author)

Barak Orbach, Michigan Law
"The Law and Economics of Hired Creativity: Who Should Own the Rights?"