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Public Service Guides: Making a Difference Volumes I and II

The route to a public service internship or career is different from that of seeking a position with a firm. The first step in determining the type of legal work that will most satisfy and suit you is to evaluate your talents and values, which is where MAD Guide Vol. I starts out. Information on funding, networking, sample cover letters and resumes, and self-assessment tools are just some of the topics covered and resources available to you in MAD Guide Volume I. MAD Guide Volume II focuses on government careers.
Making a Difference: A Law Student's Guide to Public Service Vol. I: Public Interest Careers

Making a Difference: A Law Student's Guide to Public Service Vol. II: Government Careers
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We hope that this guide, compiled specifically for Michigan Law students, proves to be a useful resource in your quest to work in public service. Be sure to utilize the many other resources that OPS offers including the extensive resources compiled on our w
ebsite and one-on-one counseling with our attorney advisors.

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