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Michigan Law "Alumni on the Teaching Market" Beta Discussion Group

You are looking for a law teaching job. We'd like to help.

The discussion group is an experiment. If it ends up being useful, we will maintain and expand it into a year-round resource for Michigan Law students and alumni interested in law teaching careers. (For now, please be tolerant of bumps and glitches, and let us know whenever you run into a problem using the site.)

Those of you who wrote to us or called us over the summer know that we have lots of advice on how to fill out your FAR form, reconnect with your professors, figure out what schools are looking for faculty in your field, and bring yourself to the attention of schools that might be interested in interviewing you. All of you have sent FAR forms into the AALS. Whether or not you are planning on attending the AALS faculty recruitment conference, you probably have questions about how it works and what strategies we recommend.

The purpose of this forum is to share advice and support and answer questions about the AALS Faculty Recruitment Conference that will be held in Washington, D.C., on October 17-19. We have posted some questions and answers based on the sorts of information members of our faculty tell us they wished they had known going into the FRC. We invite you to post your own questions. We will take turns monitoring the site, and will try to post a response to your question within 24 hours. Feel free to answer, comment on, or follow up on one another's questions.

Instructions for Accessing the Discussion Forum
The "Alumni on the Market" Discussion Forum is not open to the public. You will be required to sign in with a U of M uniqname to access the forum. This log-in information is for access only and will not be used to identify you within the forum. When you post a reply to the forum you will be asked for an email address. This first time you post you will need to create a new login. To create the login, type the name you would like to appear in your forum posts, and your email address. The email address will be used only as an easy-to-remember identity for this site; it will not be visible to others using the forum and will not be shared or used by us for any other purpose.

Enter the Discussion Forum.

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