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FAQ for Students

Definition of Pro Bono

What is pro bono?

What are the goals of Michigan's Pro Bono Pledge?

Why should I do pro bono?

Does the ABA require pro bono work? Do individual state bars?

Michigan's Pro Bono Pledge Defined

What is the "Pro Bono Pledge"? How many hours do I have to complete to satisfy the Pledge?

Is there a smaller Pledge goal for LLMs?

What does "qualifying" pro bono work mean?

Can you provide some examples of work that qualifies under the Pledge?

What types of work do NOT qualify under the Pledge?

Can I count training hours and travel time toward the Pledge?

Does the work have to be law-related, or does community service count?

Does work for compensation or academic credit qualify?

What about work done through clinics or externships?

Does work performed during the summer qualify? What about work done between terms or during winter break?

Does pro bono work performed in conjunction with a student group qualify for the Pledge?

Can I create my own pro bono project, or does it have to be arranged by the Law School?

Pledge Mechanics

How do I get started on the Pledge?

How do I ensure my pro bono hours count toward the Pledge?

Can I perform more hours than the Pledge requires?

Can I get pro bono credit if I did the project a year, or even two years, ago?

Can 1Ls do pro bono work?

Is the Pledge a graduation requirement?

Can I perform more hours than the Pledge requires?

Pledge Completion and Recognition

What happens when I complete the Pledge?

Are there penalties for not completing the Pledge?

When is the last date I can enter my hours to have them count toward the Pledge?

What should I do if I am experiencing problems with my project, organization, or other aspect of the program?