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Practice Areas: International Public Service

The University of Michigan Law School has an impressive tradition of scholarship and service in international public service, which encompasses an enormous range of substantive work and practice settings.  Lawyers practicing in the field of international public service find work in the Federal Government (e.g. U.S. Department of State), in Non-Governmental Organizations (e.g. Human Rights Watch, Legal Aid of Cambodia), in Inter-Governmental Agencies (e.g. United Nations, World Trade Organization), and in International Tribunes/Courts (e.g. International Court of Justice).  They work in a variety of practice areas:  Development and International Law, Environment, Science & Technology, Human Rights & Humanitarian Law, International Security, Trade & Investments, and Transnational Litigation & Arbitration.  Each year, Michigan Law sends students all over the world to work on everything from human rights policy to environmental regulations to war crimes prosecution to advocacy on behalf of LBGT refugees.  This site includes information and links to help you explore careers in international public service.  For more information, we encourage you to schedule a counseling appointment with an attorney-counselor in the Office of Career Planning.

Career Exploration and education

Michigan Law events and opportunities

Job postings

  • Michigan Law International Summer Firm Internships:  The Michigan Law International Summer Firm Internship (ISFI) program offers students the opportunity to work with local law firms around the world during the summer following their 1L or 2L year. Through this program, students obtain valuable work experience, gain a better understanding of foreign legal practice, and derive the benefits of cultural immersion.
  • Symplicity: Login to Symplicity to access and apply for job postings, view employer profiles, and schedule appointments with the Office of Career Planning.
  •  Online resource connecting public interest law job-seekers with job opportunities.
  •  Job listings in the development field, including many related to human rights.
  • ReliefWeb:  Postings for field positions for mostly humanitarian and some human rights jobs.
  • Internabroad:  International internship posting board and a resource for traveling abroad.
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