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​MLaw Interview Travel Reimbursement Program


Many JD students seek summer and postgraduate jobs with employers that do not typically cover travel expenses for interviews.  To better support these students and their job searches, Michigan Law provides financial support to students traveling for job interviews.

2Ls, 3Ls, and recent graduates ("students") are eligible for financial support when traveling for interviews as follows:

  • Students will be eligible for reimbursement of a maximum of $250 per interview trip.
  • Each student may be reimbursed for up to three reimbursements total.
  • The funding is available in connection with 2L summer, post-graduation, and clerkship job searches only.
  • The interview must take place after September 1st of 2L year and within six months following graduation.  This rule does not apply to career fairs, which occur during the summer and which are eligible for reimbursement.  Details about those opportunities are available here.
  • 2Ls are not eligible for this funding for interviews for 2L summer if they already have an offer of employment for 2L summer.
  • 3Ls and recent graduates are not eligible for this funding if they already have an offer of postgraduate employment.
  • The student must be traveling to interview for a posted position (not an informational interview). 
  • The student must be interviewing with an employer that will not cover any travel expenses, and it cannot be part of a trip where a different employer is covering any travel expenses.
  • To apply for reimbursement, students must complete this form and upload appropriate receipts within 21 days of the last day of travel. This ensures that requests can be processed within the 45-day maximum set by the central University in accordance with the IRS.
  • The student requesting reimbursement must submit documentation that shows he or she paid the expense for which reimbursement is requested.  Receipts must be in the student's name who is applying for reimbursement and must show the amount paid and method of payment.
  • Eligible expenses include hotel, mileage, conference registration, parking, rental car fees, and airline, train, subway and bus fare.
  • Reimbursement is not available for one-way travel.

Please contact with any questions about this program.  And, if you are at all unsure about whether your travel will qualify for reimbursement, please check with us in advance of your trip.