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Judicial Clerkship Application Resources

(Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the PDF documents on this page. The latest version is available on Adobe's website.)

The following resources may be useful to judicial clerkship applicants. We urge all applicants to consult these resources for assistance in compiling their application packets.

Grades and Clerkships Memo

Our memo (PDF) that provides a statistical picture of cumulative grades and clerkships obtained for the 2012-2022 seasons of available data.

Class Ranking Letter
Students may print this letter of explanation (PDF) of the MLaw Ranking/Grading System by Registrar Jane Ozanich to include with their clerkship application materials.

Judicial Nominations and Confirmations
See our list of recent federal judicial nominations and confirmations.

Pathways to Public Service Jobs: Fellowships and Clerkships Guide
The Office of Career Planning's guide to assist students considering a choice between a post-graduate judicial clerkship or a fellowship.

2020 Vermont Law School Guide to State Court Clerkships
Vermont Law School's comprehensive guide to the procedures for applying for state court judicial clerkships at all levels in all 50 states and some U.S. Territories (updated 6/10/2020).

Judicial Clerkships:  Federal Staff Attorney Positions
A useful NALP article (posted with permission) on staff attorney opportunities with the various circuits of the U.S. Court of Appeals. A chart is included with each Circuit's contact person, hiring timeline, experience level preference, and application characteristics/docket information.