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Judicial Clerkships

Michigan has a strong tradition of sending its graduates to prestigious judicial clerkships in federal, state appellate, and state trial courts. Our graduates have served as judicial clerks in every circuit in the country. And further, since 1991, Michigan Law has placed 30 graduates in United States Supreme Court Clerkships.

Judicial Clerkships (2010–2012)
Typically, 15 percent of our graduates on average have accepted prestigious judicial clerkships in federal and state appellate and trial courts.  And in addition to students, recent alumni are choosing to do a clerkship after practicing for one to three years. Over the past three years, our graduates have served as judicial clerks in nearly every circuit in the country. The list below is a break down by state of the various federal, state, appellate, and trial courts with which our graduates have obtained clerkshipsin the 2010-2012 terms.

List of 2010-2012 Clerkships by State/City/Judge (PDF)


Judicial Clerkships Pie Chart



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