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University of Michigan Law School students and alumni interested in using the career resources or accessing job listings of another law school should contact the Office of Career Planning to arrange for a letter of reciprocity. Many law schools have listed their reciprocity policy with the National Association of Law School (NALP) web site. Please bear in mind that many peer schools may limit our reciprocity requests on a one-to-one basis and requests will be limited to one school per market (i.e., New York City).

Our Reciprocity Policy

Reciprocal services are available to students and alumni of those law schools that offer reciprocal services to UMLS students and graduates. Reciprocity is available for a 3-month period (or until August 1). Reciprocity is not available between August 1 and November 1. Requests for renewals will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Services available through reciprocity include access to our Career Planning Resource Library and access to our student and alumni job listings. Reciprocal job listings are not available on-line, but alumni may individually subscribe to our Job Bulletin for a fee ($10 for 3-months/$20 for 6-months). We also share our Job Bulletin with the Brigham Young University's Intercollegiate Job Bank.  Services that are not available through reciprocity include access to our On-Campus Interviewing Programs, use of our student phone or fax machine, and access to our password-protected areas of our web site.

The Office of Career Planning reserves the right to terminate reciprocity for any individual misusing our services or facilities.

Please forward written requests for reciprocity by mail, by fax, or by email:

University of Michigan Law School
Office of Career Planning
701 South State Street
1100 South Hall
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-3091
Attn.: Tammy Sindlinger
Phone: 734.764.0379
Fax: 734.764.5228