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MLaw Bridge Fellowship Outcomes

For over eight years, Michigan Law has offered postgraduate fellowships to help provide a bridge to full-time, permanent legal employment for our graduates.

The MLaw Bridge Fellowships enable students to acquire experience and develop a professional network leading to desirable post-Fellowship positions, with Law School financial support (with awards of up to $4,000 for up to 12 weeks of work since 2010). Any of our 3Ls who has not obtained an offer for a post-graduate job at the time of graduation, and who wishes to work with an eligible nonprofit organization or a government office that has at least one attorney on staff who can supervise the Fellow, is eligible. The fellowships allow our graduates to develop their skills as practicing lawyers, making them even more marketable to legal employers.

As one graduate wrote, when reporting that he had secured a post-fellowship position at a state Attorney General's Office over stiff competition:

I really, really wanted to pursue a career in the public sector, and the Postgraduate Fellowship program was definitely central to making that possible. There were over 270 applicants, and they interviewed 18, the vast majority of whom had more experience than I do. Had I not already been working here [as a postgraduate fellow] and proving that I could litigate against more experienced attorneys, there is no way I would have been seriously considered.

For the class of 2012, 49 students have completed MLaw Bridge Fellowships. These Fellowships accomplished exactly what we set out to do, to provide the experience necessary to make the Fellows more marketable for post-fellowship opportunities, which they obtained. Please see the table below for information on the post-fellowship jobs of our graduates. 

Post-Fellowship Employment Number of Graduates


 Continuing Education




 Judicial Clerkship


 Law Firm















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