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Regional Alumni Events

November 2017

Bay Area Alumni Gathering

Thursday, November 16
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Join fellow San Francisco Bay area MLaw alumni for an extraordinary talk: hear directly from expert Barbara McQuade, ’91 about one of the most talked-about and controversial investigations of our time.  A Michigan Law “professor from practice,” Prof. McQuade is a former U.S Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan and an NBC News/MSNBC legal contributor. Prof. McQuade will offer an impartial and piercing analysis of the ongoing Mueller investigation, the rule of law and thoughts on what’s next. 

This event, hosted by Daniel ‘82 and Diana Bergeson, will be an incredible opportunity to network with fellow alumni, as well as engage with faculty on one of the hottest topics of the day. Please join us. And Go Blue!


Reception in San Diego
in conjunction with the AALS

Wednesday, January 4

More Information - coming soon