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ABA Required Disclosures

The American Bar Association's Standards and Rules of Procedure for Approval of Law Schools include Standard 509, requiring website publication of consumer information for the benefit of current and potential law students. Below, we provide links to the sections of the site where additional Standard 509-compliant and other disclosure information can be found:

Standard 509 form

Admissions data

Tuition, Fees

Living Costs

Financial Aid




Number of full-time and part-time faculty and administrators

Curricular Offerings

Academic Calendar

Academic Requirements

Library Resources


Employment Outcomes

Bar Passage

Criteria for transfer of credit earned at another institution

Contact information for the Council

Student LEARNING  Outcomes

The University of Michigan Law School aims to provide the finest education to the legal profession's next generation of leaders while disseminating original research that deepens human understanding of law and legal institutions and deploying the School's expertise in service to the state, the nation, and the world. We train our students to understand the substantive, procedural, and institutional elements of the law; to have strong legal research, analytical, and problem-solving skills; to communicate effec tively, both orally and in writing; to appreciate the social dimensions of legal practice; to exercise sound and ethical professional judgment; and to develop all of the other important professional skills needed to be exceptional lawyers.