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Master of Laws Programs

The University of Michigan Law School has a long and proud tradition of educating lawyers from around the world. Our first LLM degree was awarded in 1890 and today, students can choose from two distinct masters programs: Master of Laws (LLM) and Master of Advanced Corporation Law (MACL).

Both the LLM and the MACL are limited to a select, diverse, and relatively small group of students, despite a large number of applications received each year. Careful selection, coupled with manageable class size, ensures students get individual attention from professors and connect meaningfully with each other.

Master of Advanced Corporation Law (MACL)

The MACL program is an intensive and rigorous 12-week program that lasts from mid-May to early August. It is designed for practicing lawyers, from the US or abroad, who may not be able to spend a whole year away from their jobs, but wish to accelerate their expertise in corporate and securities laws to enhance their careers.

Master of Laws (LLM)

The LLM program is intended for individuals who have been trained in law anywhere in the world and who wish to engage in comparative legal study, gain a better understanding of the U.S. legal system, pursue a field of specialization, and/or engage in advanced legal research. The program starts at the end of August and ends by mid-May. Students may follow a course of study that will qualify them to take the New York bar exam.

EVENTS IN 2020-21

Virtual LLM Fairs
Michigan Law is proud to co-host a series of US LLM Fairs this fall with a consortium of diverse, elite American law schools.  These free events are offered in various time zones around the world and allow you to meet individually with representatives from Michigan Law and 10 other law schools.  Join us to learn about studying law in the U.S., how to choose the best LL.M. programs for your needs, how to submit a successful application, and more! Registration for this event is required (see link next to each event).

Past Events

Sept 9 (Brazil)

Sept 10 (South Africa)–View Webinar

Sept 17 (South America)

Oct. 7 (Africa)

Oct. 9 (Central America)

Oct. 27–29 (Europe)

Oct. 27 Austria, Germany, Switzerland

Oct. 28 Eastern Europe

Oct. 28 South America (Webinar)

Oct. 29 United Kingdom and Western Europe (Except D-A-CH)

Nov. 14 (People's Republic of China)

Nov. 19 (Global)

Nov. 17 Russia (Webinar)

Nov. 19 (Global)

Nov. 25 (Chile): 15-16h Santiago Time

Dec. 12 (Global; co-hosted by LSAC)

Dec. 15 (Thailand)

Jan. 16 - Japan

Jan. 27 - Global Workshop: "Is a US LLM Degree Right for You?"


Feb. 25 - Global Workshop: "How to Write the Perfect Personal Statement"

March 17 - Global Workshop: "Beyond the LLM: Career Opportunities and Taking a Bar Exam in the US"

Coming Soon: India

Coming Soon: Saudi Arabia

Guangquan Xie, MACL 2019"The academic design of the MACL surpassed all my expectations. The courses were highly relevant and useful for us corporate lawyers, and the professors – experts of worldwide renown – taught us with passion for their subjects and sincere care for each student. The carefully planned programming outside of class was also impressive, from networking events, to lunch talks with professors, to kayaking, and an excursion to Lake Michigan."
Guangquan Xie, MACL 2019
Senior Counsel, Barui Law Firm, P.R. China

Aljohara A. Alghunaim, MACL 2019 "For anyone passionate about corporate and commercial law practice, I strongly recommend this program. Since students came from various countries, we learned not only from top faculty, but also from each other about foreign jurisdictions and different cultural perspectives. By the end of the summer, we felt that we had family at Michigan Law and among our classmates. I left with unforgettable memories and great friends in different parts of the world."
Aljohara A. Alghunaim, MACL 2019
Attorney-At-Law, Mohammed Alshareef Law Firm, Saudia Arabia

Juan Felipe Jaramillo Castillo, MACL 2019"I recommend the MACL without hesitation. The program is structured so you receive a very strong formation in different aspects of business law that are applicable worldwide. The program changed how I understand the law and advise my clients. The MACL program gave me practical and academic skills to solve not only legal problems, but also business problems. Taking the MACL program has been one of the best decisions of my life."
Juan Felipe Jaramillo Castillo, MACL 2019
In-House Counsel, Corficolombiana, Colombia

Yasmin Al Ameen, LLM '19"When you only have one LLM year at Michigan, you want to spend your time wisely in order to benefit as much as possible. Incorporating mini-seminars and a clinic into my schedule enabled me to expand my knowledge through debates and research that I wouldn't have had in a classic classroom setting. And with professors that are both scholars and practitioners, you will benefit from both ways of approaching very rich disciplines."
Yasmin Al Ameen, LLM '19
Foley Hoag LLP, Washington D.C

Daniele de Oliveira Nunes, LLM ‘19"The amount we learn in the classrooms is enormous, but the personal connections we build are also crucial in expanding our horizons. My fellow LLMs and JDs, as well as SJDs and research scholars got me interested in topics I had never thought about before, taught me new things about the legal market, and helped me reevaluate and further develop my career. It is easy to be caught up in the readings and lectures, but the difference that people can make in your personal and professional life are also a defining feature of the experience at Michigan Law."
Daniele de Oliveira Nunes, LLM ‘19
Senior Associate, Leal Cotrim Jansen Advogados, Rio de Janeiro

Alfred Momodu, LLM '19"There is a collegial atmosphere at Michigan Law that is seldom replicated anywhere else; plug into it without reservation. Join an affinity group based not only on your immutable characteristics but also your intellectual interests. It is a great way of finding the amazing group of people that will form your social support system during what is certain to be an intense year. LLMs and JDs alike are likely to be curious about you, seize this! In the meeting of curious minds, great friendships are formed."
Alfred Momodu, LLM '19
Teaching Associate, Lancaster University Ghana

Yanlin Lyu, LLM '19"I had recently changed my practice area from employment and labor law to corporate and banking law, so I made use of the wide selection of courses to gain comprehensive understanding about American corporate and financial laws and the banking system. The courses I took at Michigan have already proven to be super useful for my career as they made me a better corporate lawyer providing legal services for financial conglomerates, especially American financial institutions."
Yanlin Lyu, LLM '19
Legal Counsel, Citibank China

Raphaël Beauregard-Lacroix, LLM ’19"Besides hard work, a key to successfully preparing for the SJD at Michigan is starting the hard work early. I was lucky to have the support of faculty and administrative staff whose doors were always open. As SJD students, we are fully integrated in the research and faculty life of the school, and benefit both from dedicated events, such as the weekly colloquium, as well as academic job market workshops for and by alumni."
Raphaël Beauregard-Lacroix, LLM ’19
Current Michigan SJD student