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Course Descriptions

As of 2/28/2021 12:42:11 AM

Real Estate Entrepreneurship

This practice/simulation course covers the legal and legal practice issues related to real estate entrepreneurship. This course is designed to teach students about commercial real estate transactions by focusing on the relationships which drive the transactions and the documents which reflect those relationships. The course will advance your ability to think and act like a practicing attorney who counsels participants in commercial real estate transactions. It will cover entity, contractual, securities and tax issues. Students will be introduced to the points of view of real estate entrepreneurs and investors. The course will be taught primarily from the owner/developer/borrower /landlord point of view. The interests and viewpoints of other participants (municipality/lender/tenant/end user) will also be examined. The course focuses on new for-profit real estate development in office, industrial, retail and multi-family markets. The topics covered include entity formation and funding, investment analysis, development, debt and equity structures, and alternatives such as REITs. You will be drafting documents and writing client memos on specific topics.