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Age: The exoneree's age on the date of the reported crime

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Note: An asterisk (*) in the column to the right of the "DNA" column means that the case is not included in the Innocence Project's list of DNA exonerations because post-conviction DNA evidence was not central to establishing innocence, and other non-DNA factors were essential to the exoneration.

Count= 40
AdamsJarrett M.17BlackWINCSexual Assault28 years20002007YY
AverySteven22CaucasianWISexual Assault32 years19852003YY
AveryWilliam25BlackWIJIMurder40 years20052010YY
AweJoseph36CaucasianWIA, NCArson3 years20072013YYYY
BolstadDaniel37CaucasianWISexual Assault20 years20072015YYY
BurrowesChristopher21BlackWIChild Sex Abuse3 years20072009Y
DakeJeffrey27CaucasianWIChild Sex Abuse16 years19982007YY
EdmundsAudrey34CaucasianWIF, NC, SBSMurder18 years19962008Y
FreyJoseph31CaucasianWISexual AssaultLife19942013YY
GlennEugene41BlackWIRobbery20 years20022003Y
GoodmanWarren30BlackWICDCRobbery22 years19942007YYY
HicksAnthony26BlackWISexual Assault19 years19911997YYY
HoganSamuel49BlackWINCSexual Assault6 years19951997YY
IshamRommain31Native AmericanWINCChild Sex Abuse10 years19902010Y
JonesJerry Jamaal24BlackWINCAssault2 years20102011YY
KittilstadRichard L.50CaucasianWINCSolicitation10 years20012007Y
LaBatteBeth24CaucasianWIF, JIMurderLife19972006Y*YY
LusterAlbert18BlackWINCChild Sex AbuseUnknown19901992YY
MurphyThomas39CaucasianWISexual Assault20 years19981999Y
OttChaunte21BlackWICDC, JIMurderLife19962009YY
PetersonMark29CaucasianWINCSexual AssaultNot sentenced19901990YY
PrineasAnthony21CaucasianWINCSexual Assault10 years20042012Y
RobinsonDavonn17BlackWINC, PChild Sex Abuse5 years20062010YY
SaeckerFrederic38CaucasianWISexual Assault15 years19901996Y
SandersDavid39CaucasianWIChild Sex Abuse15 years20062007Y
ShombergForest38CaucasianWISexual Assault12 years20032009Y*Y
StinsonRobert Lee20BlackWIMurderLife19852009YYY
SturgeonMichael16CaucasianWICDC, PBurglary/Unlawful Entry120 days19972000YYY
TerensDaniel27CaucasianWIManslaughter20 years19911993YYYY
VasquezMario34HispanicWIChild Sex Abuse20 years19982015YY
VerkuilenMaxwell25CaucasianWINCSexual Assault4 years20032007YYY
WashingtonVonaire24BlackWIRobbery22 years19912001YY
WillettJeffery29CaucasianWINCChild Sex Abuse30 years20072010YY
WilsonTheopolis22BlackWINCBurglary/Unlawful Entry5 years19891991