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Getting Started

IT/AV Assistance
– Request computing and audio visual assistance at the Law School

The Information Technology and Audio Visual Services department at the Law School is known simply as LawIT/AV. The most efficient way to request computer or printer assistance, training, consultation, room reservations, or audio visual equipment and services is to place a request via the Law School’s Web-based “work request” system. There are links to “Work Requests” located at the bottom of the Law School web pages.

Work Request link

Alternatively, you can access it directly at Your work request is received by the LawIT/AV staff and assigned to the appropriate technician. Remote desktop assistance is also available.

Assistance may be obtained for:

Hardware use Software use
(PowerPoint, Word, etc.)
Troubleshooting Maintenance of computers and printers
(Canvas, Seating Chart, etc.)
Network access
General advice concerning computer purchases Audio visual classroom support *
Viruses/Spyware problems Data security concerns
Guest Wireless Access  

* All requests for A/V services and equipment, no matter how simple, must be placed through the online Event Reservations system. Advance notice is extremely important, especially if it requires staff to work overtime and weekends. Give as much notice as possible for major events (at least a month for symposia, one week but preferably more for video conferences). Even simple requests must be made at least two working days in advance to ensure availability of equipment and support staff.



The university uses ITS Exchange for voice mail. A user guide is available to help you access and manage your voice mail.


The Law School uses and supports the university's Google Mail for email. The preferred interface is Google Chrome, but other browsers will work as well.

Take an interactive tour of Google Mail.

More information about Google Mail can be found at the M+Google website.

Email Groups

Name Owner
Law School Staff & Faculty Lyle Whitney
Law School Faculty Robyn Grimes
Law Emeritus Faculty Robyn Grimes
Law Fall Visiting Faculty Nancy Paul
Law Regular Faculty Robyn Grimes
law voting faculty Robyn Grimes
Law TenureTrack Faculty Robyn Grimes
Law Tenured Faculty Robyn Grimes
Law Visiting Faculty Winter Nancy Paul
Law School Staff John Loyd
Law Library Staff Mary Clemence
Lawlib Mary Clemence
Law School 611 Church (MPLP, FLP) Benefo Ofuso
Law School above ground staff John Loyd
Law School Development and Alumni Relations Jenni Borden
Law School Staff Academic Affairs Trudy Feldkamp/Darren Nealy
Law School Staff Admissions Sean McElhone
Law School Staff Career Planning Tammy Sindlinger
Law School Career Services Tammy Sindlinger
Law School Staff Clerical John Lemmer
Law School Staff Communications Lori Atherton
Law School Staff Dean's Office and HR Rachel Perrell
Law School Staff Facilities Distribution and Receiving Lois Harden
Law School Staff Financial Aid Kathy Johnson/Vicki Abbott
Law School Staff Financial Operations Christina Luo/Joe Castillo
Law School Staff Information Technology John Loyd
Law School Staff International Programs Stephanie Wiederhold
Law School Staff Records Jane Ozanich
Law Temporary Staff Robyn Grimes, John Loyd,
Rachel Perrell

Email Vacation Message

You have two choices for setting on out of office message:


The Law School uses and supports Google Calendar as its shared calendaring system.

Take an interactive tour of Google Calendar.

More information about Google Calendar can be found at the M+Google website.

L: Drive
– Store your documents and files on the network

The L: Drive is the Law School’s network file storage space. Its purpose is to store documents shared within your department or group and files which may contain Personal Private Information (PPI) of staff, faculty, students or alumni. You may request access to your department’s L: Drive folder. You may also request a user folder on the L: drive. Faculty folders will be accessible by their assistants, and special directories may be added to faculty folders by the Office of Finance and Planning. Data stored in your user folder may be shared with other Law School staff per your request.

The L: drive is backed up nightly and deleted files may be recovered by submitting a work request. Data from any given day may be recoverable for a month, after which only end of month backups are available for a year.

The L: drive may be accessed from off-site by way of the Law School’s VPN.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
– Secure off-campus or wireless connections to the L: Drive

The Law School’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows the Law School community to access the L: Drive via the Internet over a secure, encrypted connection from their machines. It provides a secure computing experience when accessing the L: Drive from a remote location or when using a wireless connection.

Any faculty or administrator requesting VPN access will be provided with the instructions and tools to set up access remotely. Staff members must first obtain their supervisor's consent. If you are interested in this option, please ask your department head to submit an email request to

It should be noted that the remote computer can expose Law School resources to malware, and it is the responsibility of the user to prevent such actions from occurring. Employees given remote access have the responsibility to maintain a secure environment on the remote machine, regularly patching the operating system software as well as anti-virus software, and running virus scans routinely to check for and remove malware.

– Back up your documents and files to the network

Individual user devices (laptops or desktops) can be backed up with the University supported program called CrashPlan. The program will backup your user directory and all sub-directories on up to nine University owned and supported devices.

The Law IT staff can help you set up CrashPlan on your workstation or laptop to help you get started, and explain the basic functions of the program. After that you can fully manage the system without intervention. More information is available on the University's Using Desktop Backup page.

Please submit a work request for assistance. A Law IT staff member will be in contact with you promptly.

Standard Software Package

The standard software package provided to new employees varies from time to time. Currently it consists of:

  Windows Mac
Operating System Windows 7 Enterprise OS X 10.11
E-mail Google Mail
Business/Productivity Microsoft Office 2016 Microsoft Office 2016
Adobe Acrobat Pro
Adobe Reader
PDF Creator
Collaboration Google Apps (Docs/Spreadsheet/Presentation)
Google Chat
File Transfer UM Internet Access Kit
Web Browsers Internet Explorer Safari
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Browser Applications Adobe Flash Player
Microsoft Silverlight
Windows Media Player  
Apple iTunes
Utilities IrfanView  
NotePad ++  
Crash Plan
Virus Protection System Center Endpoint Protection Sophos

Several applications are available upon request (e.g. Photoshop). You may request specialized software not included in the standard software package by submitting a work request.  

Shared Equipment

Laptop Loaners

There are a few laptop computers available to faculty and staff for limited periods of time. Laptops should be reserved at least 48 hours in advance by submitting a work request. A Request for Removal and Use of University Equipment form must be completed and signed prior to taking the laptop home.

Network Printers, Copiers, Scanners, Fax Machines

The university is encouraging schools and colleges on campus to decrease local printing/personal printers and move toward shared network printing in order to save money and resources. Employee computers will be configured to print to the most convenient network printer in their area. 

Many of our newer printers are multi-function devices, incorporating print, copy, scan to email, and fax features in one machine. 

If you wish to use any of the network printers listed in the table of shared equipment locations and features, please submit a work request


LawIT has developed an online form to facilitate distribution of toner cartridges and track toner usage. Please request toner cartridge replacements by completing the toner cartridge request form. Instructions are provided to assist you with filling out the form.​