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The Right Dean at the Right Time
Justice Kagan Highlights South Hall Dedication Weekend

"Michigan, these past 10 years, has had a real superstar dean. The school has been very lucky, and legal education has been very lucky."
—Supreme Court Associate Justice Elena Kagan

A few days after Evan Caminker was named dean in 2003, he offered to resign. More...

Ready for the Real World
A World of Difference

Like many first-year law students, Taylor Garrett, '03, assumed that after graduation he would head off to work at a law firm. He couldn't quite see the path that led there, but he took it as a given that sooner or later he'd end up on it. More...

A Family for Feleke
Sisters in Law

Before the lost visas and passports, before the treacherous travel and the frantic search for prednisone somewhere in the middle of Ethiopia, before one father asked another to keep his son on the other side of the world—before all of that, Kyle and Ruth Ann Logue had a conversation. More...

If the PHID House Could Talk
Sisters in Law

At the age of 99, the Georgian manse of Phi Delta Phi lives on like a roguish old gentleman, enjoying the peace of old age but still smiling over memories of a wild youth. More...

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