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U-M Law School Refugee Caselaw Site:

The biennial Colloquium on Challenges in International Refugee Law, which produces the Michigan Guidelines: GeneralGuidelines.aspx

The first Colloquium, in April 1999, issued the Michigan Guidelines on the Internal Protection Alternative;

The second Colloquium, in March 2001, issued The Michigan Guidelines on Nexus to a Convention Ground, which define the meaning and application of the "for reasons of" clause in the refugee definition;

The third Colloquium, in March 2004, issued the Michigan Guidelines on Well-Founded Fear;

The fourth Colloquium, in November 2006, issued the Michigan Guidelines on Protection Elsewhere;

The fifth Colloquium, in November 2009, issued the Michigan Guidelines on the Right to Work;

The sixth Colloquium, slated for spring 2013, will take up the question of the exclusion of terrorists and other international criminals from refugee status.

More information about PRAL...

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