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World Justice
Justice Kagan Highlights South Hall Dedication Weekend

Zdenek Kühn, LLM '02, SJD '06, was writing his dissertation about the judiciary in post-Communist countries, and it was critical of the development of the judicial system in nations where the legal culture for so long had been intellectually separated from the outside world. More...

Life in Legal Purgatory
A World of Difference

Victor Caminata was convicted of arson.

The Michigan Innocence Clinic and its experts say he didn't commit arson—in fact, that the fire in question wasn't arson at all, and that Caminata was convicted based on junk science. More...

A Family for Feleke
Sisters in Law

Before the lost visas and passports, before the treacherous travel and the frantic search for prednisone somewhere in the middle of Ethiopia, before one father asked another to keep his son on the other side of the world—before all of that, Kyle and Ruth Ann Logue had a conversation. More...

The Storm before the Calm
Sisters in Law


It gets some people up at 5 a.m. every day to train for a marathon. It gets others through three grueling years of law school. And it keeps Jonah Eaton, '11, battling More...

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