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Master of Comparative Law (MCL)

The Master of Comparative Law (MCL) degree is conferred upon students completing 20 credit hours with at least a 2.3 ("C+") average in two terms of residence. Otherwise, MCL students have the same curricular flexibility and choice as LLM students: like the LLM candidate, the MCL student must take the required Constitutional Law class and write a research paper. The lighter course load permitted by the MCL program makes it more desirable for those students from civil law countries who anticipate a significant adjustment for studies in English. Students who earned their law degrees from a university in which the primary language of instruction is English or who are native English speakers are not eligible for admission to the MCL program.

All students who are eligible to earn an MCL degree will be given admission to the "MCL/LLM" program, and may decide at the beginning of the first semester, upon individual academic advising, which of the two degrees to pursue.








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