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Meet Us Interactive Map

How to use the Meet Us Interactive Map

Markers on the map show University of Michigan Law School recruiting events. Clicking on any of the M's brings up a bubble with additional information.

The map is also zoomable. The illustration to your left shows how to zoom in, zoom out, and scroll.

Since the map allows you to zoom, we designate locations that we know the exact address for using a blue "M," and designate locations that we know approximate information for using a maize "M."

For locations listed with maize M's, contact your prelaw advisor for specific information. We'll also be updating the map throughout the fall.

Meet Us Map Explanation

Common questions

Can anyone attend one of these events?
The public is welcome to attend any of the LSAC forums; for more information and to pre-register, visit the LSAC website. Events being held at colleges and universities are directed to the students and alumni of those institutions; if you fall into that category and have questions about the event, or if you are not a student or alumna/us but wish to attend anyway, you should contact the institution's prelaw advisor for more information. Admissions 101 events hosted by law firms are limited attendance and require an RSVP; please contact our office at 734.764.0537 if you would like to attend.

The M's are appearing too close together for me to click on.
Sometimes recruiting events are too close to each other and the M's overlap. Using the zoom control (see left for explanation), it's possible to zoom in closer.

I can see a map on the screen, but there are no M's.
The Meet Us Interactive Map operates on Google Maps, which does have minimum browser requirements to run.

For users who cannot see the map, we have a text representation of recruiting events.

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