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An Egg-ceptional Creation

By John Masson
Nov. 21, 2012

When it came time to support Michigan Law's Student Funded Fellowships at the SFF Auction last March, adjunct professor and 1969 grad Dave Haron had a tasty solution that would be good for the Law School and simultaneously good for humankind: acquire naming and design rights to a Zingerman's Deli Sandwich of the Month.

But there were a couple of logistical challenges. First, Haron couldn't be at the auction himself, so he needed to find a proxy to, well, do his bidding. That part went fine.

But once he'd acquired the rights, the real challenge began. Haron suddenly needed to devise the perfect sandwich.

The pressure was on. The bar was high.

Sammich"My wife and I thought we'd better come up with something really good," said Haron, who in addition to his work as a Michigan Law adjunct also is a partner at Frank Haron Weiner in Troy. "So we spent all summer thinking about it."

Fortunately David Haron and wife Pam (Colburn) Haron, a 1969 graduate of Michigan's School of Education, had highly trained help: Haron's entire immediate family graduated from Michigan, and they were able to combine that exquisitely tuned brainpower with an intimate familiarity with the delights of a Zingerman's sandwich.

"The Law School and the University of Michigan have been very, very good to us," said Haron, who will join Foley & Mansfield as a partner in January. "I was at Michigan for seven years, my kids for four, and everybody's done well, and it's because of Ann Arbor. It's because of the school."

The result of the family's committee work was Professor Dave's All-Nighter, a massive combination of corned beef hash, sautéed green peppers, melted cheddar, and a fried egg, all on toasted rye.

"My wife really designed the sandwich, except for the fried egg on top," a flourish for which Haron credits his son. The yolk isn't fully cooked, either, so it acts as a binding agent as it filters down through Zingerman's famous corned beef hash. Tragically, the egg is generally only available until 11 a.m.

The Harons' extensive Ann Arbor experience also taught them that, if they wanted maximum human exposure to all that deli deliciousness, there was only one time to make their fledgling sandwich available: football season.

That's why their creation became Zingerman's November Sandwich of the Month, available until at least Dec. 1—with the possibility of being added to the permanent menu, as long as customer interest remains high.

Haron said creating the sandwich was nearly as much fun as providing it to his students, something he does pretty much every chance he gets. He recently brought in 20 of the concoctions to help his students make it through a marathon makeup-class session.

"I swear," said Haron, who teaches health law and fraud and abuse law at Michigan, "there was not one bite left."

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