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 Melissa Harman

¡Vamos Azul!

By John Masson

One of the small thrills of Wolverine life is strolling along in some far-off corner of the world and suddenly hearing the universal exhortation, "Go Blue!"

For one Wolverine, a recent example of that thrill came in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Melissa Harman worked as an intern in the Law School's development office while completing a dual-major bachelor's degree in social theory and practice, and political science. After she graduated, and before she went on to work as a high school history teacher in Honduras, her friends at the Law School gave her some Michigan Law gear as a parting gift—including a reusable blue bag bearing the Michigan Law logo.

"I bring the bag with me everywhere because I love to wear my Michigan gear when traveling," Harman wrote. "It always leads to great conversations with other North Americans, and occasionally I run into Michigan fans (they're really everywhere)."

One day, as she was photographing the 17th-century churches in the center plaza of Quetzaltenango, she heard the familiar shout of "Go Blue" coming from across the square.

"I stopped mid-stride and looked around, sort of convinced that I had mis-heard," she wrote.

Sure enough, though, an eagle-eyed North American woman had spotted the small Michigan Law logo on her bag from across the crowded plaza. The woman who spotted her told her she loved the Law School, and that her sister was a graduate.

"Which goes to show that, even in a random city in a random country, it's possible to find Michigan Law fans," she wrote.

Harman took a few moments to write this from her seat on an airplane. She was flying back to Central America, stopping this time in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras.

And naturally, she wrote, she was wearing the maize and blue.

"Because," she wrote, "I never travel without it."

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