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Prof. Ellen Katz

Katz brief in Supreme Court case supports upholding Voting Rights Act

By John Masson, Amicus editor

As oral arguments proceeded this week in a Supreme Court case challenging a key provision of the Voting Rights Act, Michigan Law Prof. Ellen Katz and the school's Voting Rights Initiative argue that the VRA's regional provisions continue to provide vital protection to minority voters in the places where they apply.

more .... Keynoter: Heavy U.S.  reliance on solitary confinement an error that's 'especially profound'

Keynoter: Heavy U.S. reliance on solitary confinement an error that's 'especially profound'

By John Masson, Amicus editor

Summarizing his approach to opening the Michigan Journal of Race & Law's recent symposium on solitary confinement in prisons, Yale Law Prof. James Forman Jr. didn't have a hard time finding words.

"We have to make the invisible visible," Prof. Forman said. "We have to counter isolation with empathy. We have to counter isolation with community."

more .... Shuping Qi, '12

Shuping Qi's Journey From the Lab to the Law School

By John Masson, Amicus editor

Back when Shuping Qi, '12, was a scientist, she had to work hard to remember what life was like outside the lab.

Qi, who earned a PhD in pharmacology, spent most of her time there, after all, and sometimes found herself wondering whether it might be better for her to break out and see what the wider world might hold.

more .... Prof. David Uhlmann

Prof Pens Sustainability Blueprint for President's Second Term

By John Masson, Amicus editor

Now comes the hard part.

Matching the soaring rhetoric of the president's second inaugural address with the political realities of his upcoming term is going to call for tough choices. David Uhlmann, a professor at Michigan Law and director of its Environmental Law & Policy Program, has some ideas about how best to move forward. Like using a carbon tax to drive down both greenhouse gas emissions AND the deficit. Like a national renewable portfolio standard. Like combining smart regulation of greenhouse gases with broader sustainability efforts.

more ....
The Dark Money Threat  to the Judicial System

The Dark Money Threat to the Judicial System

By John Masson, Amicus editor

Dark money rises.

And no, we're not discussing an upcoming Batman sequel. We're talking about the amount of untraceable money being spent each cycle on elections, including—to the discomfiture of the experts—appellate judicial elections.

A panel sponsored by the League of Women Voters in a packed Hutchins Hall classroom Monday evening examined the growth of dark money in Michigan judicial elections and the consequences for citizens concerned about the influence of these shadowy contributions on the administration of justice, especially at the appellate level.

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