He’s round, he’s green, and …
That’s how he rolls

Casebooks, textbooks, novels; even the occasional Bill Miller opus on some uncuddly human emotion or other – all these we have come to expect from Law School faculty and alumni.

Which makes a lushly illustrated tale about the adventures of a lost tennis ball bouncing around the City by the Bay that much more surprising.

Tim Takes a Tumble, the work of 1991 graduate and professional tennis instructor Anmarie (Currier) Mabbutt, begins with a misdirected shot that launches Tim the Tennis Ball off a court at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park and out into the city. By day’s end Tim – who might, at this point, be said to be on something of a roll – has encountered cows, fire engines, ladybugs, purple palm trees, and even a flock of wild parrots that live in the city’s trees.

Writing the first of what she hopes becomes a series of children’s books came naturally to Mabbutt, who became a certified tennis instructor about 15 years ago and has taught at the tennis facilities at Golden Gate Park for long enough to see some of her four-year-old students grow into college tennis players.

“I learned from all my years of teaching that the more active they are, the happier they tend to be, and the healthier they tend to be – especially in an age where they’re spending a lot more time in front of computers and televisions,” Mabbutt said. “It’s just a reminder to get out and enjoy some fresh air.”

The book is available amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and on Mabbutt’s website at http://anmariemabbutt.com/.