SIAS Summer Institute coming to
Michigan Law

ANN ARBOR, Mich.---Post-doctoral scholars interested in convening in Berlin and Ann Arbor for an elite Summer Institute session covering "Comparative Perspectives on Federalism and Separation of Powers: Lessons From – and for – National, Supranational, and Global Governance" have until Feb. 27 to apply.

The seminar, sponsored by the SIAS coalition of several institutes for advanced study, is being organized by Michigan Law's Prof. Daniel Halberstam and Prof. Dr. Christoph Mollers of Georg-August-Universitat in Gottingen, Germany. The sessions come at an important time, as federalism gains new importance in countries as diverse as the United Kingdom and Iraq, and as supra-national organizations such as the European Union establish a new model for its possible application in other parts of the globe.

The first of two summer sessions will be held this year in Berlin and is slated to cover such topics as the origin and structures of federations; federal powers and individual rights; federalism and citizenship; the free movement of goods; and several more. In 2010 the sessions will come to Michigan Law in Ann Arbor.

The Summer Institute program, in general, is designed to develop scholarly networks and collaborative relationships among junior scholars from Europe and the United States, before, during, and after the seminars themselves. Each seminar is designed for post-doctoral students and Ph.D. candidates who are studying or teaching at an institution of higher education either here or in Europe. The Federalism seminar, in particular, will explore theoretical, methodological, and empirical issues, and its organizers also hope to examine fruitful areas for future research.

The program is supported by grants from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. The costs of travel, meals, and lodging, plus a personal stipend, are covered for all participants. More information is available at