The Life of Brian
Beloved Prof. Brian Simpson bids farewell in Blue Jean Lecture

No wonder it was a standing-room-only crowd.

The following are just a few of the lessons the active listener might have taken away from A.W. Brian Simpson’s recent "Blue Jeans Lecture," delivered in Hutchins Hall just a few days before the well-loved professor, who is retiring in the spring, taught his last class at Michigan Law this fall.

Other lessons -- such as the importance of checking, before accepting a job and emigrating, whether a certain Canadian university's campus is officially alcohol-free -- could also be included in this report. But not without risk of court action. Therefore we will refrain from mentioning them.

Instead, we'll just list the 13 most prominent points made by Simpson, a self-confessed "butterfly mind," in reflecting on a scholarly life stretching back 54 years: