Torts Illustrated: Students vanquish faculty in hard-fought annual hoops game.


Prof. Bridgette Carr, ’02, discusses in a podcast the Human Trafficking Clinic she’ll be founding this fall.

Prima Facie

Convergence or Cataclysm: Asia Law Society holds symposium on Corporate Governance and Market Development in Asia



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Gone to the dogs
2008 grad Chad Lindner mushes his way
to Iditarod Rookie of the Year honors

Maybe it was the moment when the 40-mile-per-hour wind and the horizontal snow made the frozen Yukon River feel like the surface of Jupiter.

Or it might have been the moment, clinging to the back of his dogsled, when 2008 Michigan Law grad Chad Lindner found himself cramming Folger’s instant coffee crystals into his mouth in a desperate gambit to stay alert.

But whatever moment solidified his decision, Lindner is more than comfortable with being a “one-and-done” participant in the grueling, 1,100-mile Iditarod dogsled race. More ...

Bids and blood
Ann Arbor’s SFF and NYC’s AFF auctions
bring in cash for public-interest interns

Even in a sagging economy, it’s tough to resist the appeal of a book on cannibalism, signed by the author in his own blood.

Always a popular item in the annual Student Funded Fellowships (SFF) auction at the University of Michigan Law School, Professor A.W. Brian Simpson’s highly regarded Cannibalism and the Common Law garnered extra attention this year because the popular professor is retiring this spring. The book brought in $2,000, which will contribute to the SFF grants to Michigan Law students who take unpaid or low-paying public-interest summer internships. More ...

Rainmaking 101: Tips for bringing
in a flash flood of new clients

Steven H. Sunshine knows some rainmakers who look like they’ve slept in their clothes, who drop the F-bomb in nearly every utterance, and who tuck themselves away in quiet corners at parties.

That doesn’t fit many people’s image of rainmakers as gregarious back-slappers who recruit clients on the golf course, he noted during a March 31 event about building and maintaining relationships with clients. More ...