Rainmaking 101: Tips for bringing in a flash flood of new clients

An animated Steve Sunshine, left, explains the art of the rainmaker to a standing-room only crowd. 1963 grad Herb Kohn, center, and Richard Pogue, ’53, look on.

Steven H. Sunshine knows some rainmakers who look like they’ve slept in their clothes, who drop the F-bomb in nearly every utterance, and who tuck themselves away in quiet corners at parties.

That doesn’t fit many people’s image of rainmakers as gregarious back-slappers who recruit clients on the golf course, he noted during a March 31 event about building and maintaining relationships with clients.

“Everyone in this room—you could all do it,” Sunshine, a partner with Bryan Cave in Irvine, Calif., told the standing-room-only audience. “There is no model for rainmakers.”

Tips from Sunshine and Herb Kohn, ’63, a partner with Bryan Cave in Kansas City, included:

The program was supported by the Richard W. Pogue Endowment to Support Studies of the Business of Law. Pogue, ’53, also joined the panel and answered students’ questions afterward.