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Robert Zbiral, Czech Republic

"The decisive factor for why I chose Michigan was the composition of the faculty. In this respect, the name of Prof. Daniel Halberstam is the most relevant. While I had already read some of his texts, it was his course at the EUI Summer School in Florence that sparked the idea of a comparison between the U.S. and the EU in my research project. With his focus on both EU and U.S. constitutional law and various aspects of federalism, there is hardly a more appropriate scholar for overseeing my research."

Robert Zbiral

Research Focus: To assess the flexibility of the transfer of powers between U.S. states and the federal level and compare this to the process that occurs in the European Union and its Member States, specifically in regard to the repatriation of powers in reverse, federal-to-state. Based on his U.S. research, Zbiral intends to test a hypothesis that the difficulty of repatriation is caused by the contemporary limits of federal orders, which generally prefer center to lower layers. Repatriation would thus be considered the failure of the system of federalism.

About Zbiral: Currently the head of the Department of Political Science at the Law Faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic, Zbiral has studied law and political science in Olomouc, Budapest, and Florence, receiving his PhD in the field of constitutional law in Olomouc. While his research interests all relate to the European Union, they are widespread topically and regularly touch the borders of European and constitutional law and political science. Widely published, he teaches various courses dealing with EU affairs, as well as Academic Writing and Legal Methodology. He also serves on the managing boards of the Czech Association for Political Science and Czech Society for European and Comparative Law, and as a local councilman in Olomouc.

Visitor during the 2013-2014 academic year.

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